The Pitt Rivers Museum holds one of the world’s finest collections of anthropology and archaeology, from around the world and throughout human history. It is an active teaching department of the University of Oxford, and also continues to collect through donations, bequests, special purchases and through its students, in the course of their fieldwork.

Digital content

You can take a virtual tour of the museum or look at a lot of its collections online. It also has online learning resources for teachers and students of all ages, and more...

Offers for alumni

10% discount in the Pitt Rivers Museum shop, and a 10% discount on becoming a Friend of the Museum. Friends are entitled to many benefits, including private views of exhibitions, lectures and films. Information about the Friends of the Museum and how to join are online.

How to claim

Please show your My Oxford Card in the Pitt Rivers Museum shop at the time of purchase.

Go to the Pitt Rivers Museum website