How can you help the next generation?

We all know that this has been a turbulent time particularly for the graduating classes, but you can help give them a kickstart by offering an internship, through the Summer Internship Programme.

We've had internships take place all over the world and in a huge variety of industries; from tech to non-profit, and finance to film.

Oxford University students are bright, inquisitive, analytical, talented, hard working, energetic and ambitious and can be a huge asset to your organisation.

The programme is advertised through the Careers Service online platform CareerConnect. With more than 24,000 students signing up every year the internship ads get a huge amount of engagement.

With the onset of coronavirus, internships can take place either remotely or in-person at your premises.

For further details on how to offer an internship and more detailed FAQs head to the Careers Service website:



What our 2020 interns had to say

Alessandro at his internship with Copperbelt University
Alessandro Pruegel (Trinity, 2018)

I would say that the internship with the Copperbelt University definitely left a positive lasting impression on me. I'm especially happy about the fact that each week had a different focus, meaning I was able to get a lot of differing insights within a relatively short period of time.

I very much enjoyed the experience and gained a better understanding of the hurdles that entrepreneurs are faced with in Zambia and sub-Saharan Africa more generally. The internship made me even more convinced of my desire to enter a career in international development in order to help reduce these hurdles.


Rachel Szebenyi (St Anne's, 2018)

During my internship, I was part of a team working on the implementation of an EU-funded project aimed at communicating information about climate change in an accessible manner – for example, by supplementing museum exhibitions. We visited the observatory in Zselic to discuss a potential collaboration with its director.

View overlooking CeeWEB for Biodiversity, Hungary


Anna sitting at desk in her garden
Anna Clemente (Green Templeton, 2018)

I really enjoyed my internship. The research topic was fascinating, and it gave me a number of ideas to pursue during my PhD. My supervisor has proposed me to continue working on the project in order to publish an article on the topic, which is a fantastic opportunity for my future academic ambitions.


Joel Fraser (Oriel, 2017)

I absolutely loved the internship with University Impact, USA. I was genuinely expecting very little of a remote opportunity like this, but it was managed so well. The way that time could be split between smaller and larger groups, as well as some time listening to guest speakers and training sessions, made the day varied enough to avoid it feeling monotonous. Also, the different level of input required meant that you didn't always need to have your video switched on, which helped with 'Zoom fatigue'.

I gained a lot from the training - I study English and French, and so practically all of the content was new for me. I similarly learnt a lot from the process of putting together an investment memo, and the clarity of thought and expression that is required to make it readable for busy people who want to make quick, efficient decisions.

The experience confirmed that I would like to work in some kind of area involved in tackling injustices like poverty and inequality. It made me believe I could do this even though I haven't really studied the area before.

American flag flying over University Impact building