There are many benefits available to alumni and associates of the University of Oxford

Please see the information to find out your eligibility:

Alumni status

  • Matriculated undergraduate and postgraduate students with a college affiliation.

Information on which courses require matriculation

Associate status

*Please note that you may be asked to provide evidence or official documentation of your connection to Oxford University to help support your application, before Associate Alumni status is granted (such as a degree/diploma certificate, or employment contract). If the requested documentation is not provided we will be unable to investigate your application further.

  • Non-matriculated students who have completed and passed a single accredited course, lasting for at least 12 weeks. *Please note the completion of several short courses amounting to 12 weeks would not entitle an individual to Associate status.
  • Non-matriculated students who have completed and passed a certificate or diploma through a University department such as the Department for Continuing Education or the Faculty of Theology
  • Anybody who has conducted academic research or engaged in academic teaching for the University for at least one academic year
    • University research is classified as being funded by the University or by a grant under the University’s name.
    • Teaching is classified as having a contract of employment for one academic year or more, with a college or department of the University
  • Current members of Congregation
  • Recognised students or visiting students
  • Those who have completed an Open Programme Executive Education Course of four consecutive days or more on campus at the Saïd Business School
  • Those who have completed an Executive Education Course of four consecutive days or more (e.g. Oil, Gas and Mining Governance, and Hong Kong Officer Professional Development Programme) at the Blavatnik School of Government
  • Non-matriculated students who read for Oxford University courses at Westminster College (1959-81 and 1993-2000), Lady Spencer Churchill College (1966-76) or Ripon College Cuddeson.
  • Those who have completed Certificate of Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Fine Art
  • Reuters Fellows associated with Green Templeton College
  • The Oxford Institute of Legal Practice (OXILP) students (1993-2008)

Not eligible for alumni/associate status

We regret that the following are not eligible at any level:

  • Ruskin College students
  • Plater College students
  • Williams College visiting programme students
  • Medical elective students
  • Those on Saïd Business School Custom courses
  • Those engaged in private research or research for another institution
  • MA by resolution


The following table illustrates the benefits and services available to the different types of membership.

Benefits and Resources Alumni status Associate status
My Oxford Card Yes Yes
Access Journals (JSTOR) Yes No
Bodleian Reader’s card *see Bodleian Library page for full details Yes Possible, but please contact the Bodleian Admissions Office in advance
College Access (each college has its own policy – see the college access page) Yes Yes
Careers advice and related benefits Yes No
My Oxford Network (networking platform) Yes No
Invitations to Alumni Weekends & other events Yes (all) Yes (Exclusions may apply)
Blackwell’s 15% discount Yes Yes
University of Oxford Shop, Museums & bookshop 15% discount Yes Yes
Access to Oxford Journeys (educational travel) Yes Yes
Participate in alumni group activity Yes (all) Yes (at individual group discretion)
Monthly email newsletter Yes Yes
Discounts on Continuing Education courses Yes Yes
Negotiated discounts as shops, hotels etc. Yes Yes


For information about accessing the Bodleian Library, please visit the Bodleian Library page.