My Oxford Card

Your key back to Oxford

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The card identifies you as having a connection with Oxford to those on University and college premises, and gives a number of benefits and offers including discounts at local businesses and access to colleges and libraries.

There are two levels of affiliation - alumni and associate. You can check your eligibility here.

If you haven’t got your My Oxford Card yet then request it using the process below. If you’re a current student you will receive your card automatically within approximately 6 months of the end of your course. Please note that if you already have a previously issued Oxford Alumni Card, you do not need a My Oxford Card as the previous version will still be valid.

How can I get a My Oxford Card?

  1. Log in to your My Oxford Online account
  2. Select the 'I want to' menu
  3. Select 'Request a My Oxford Card'
  4. Review your details that the card will contain and where it will be sent to and select 'Submit request'

Request a card

If you don't have an account then you'll need to register for one. To do this you’ll need your Oxford number which can be found on any letters or emails you’ve received from the Oxford Alumni team. It is formatted 8-XXXXXXXX and if you don’t have yours then request it by filling in this form.

You can check your eligibility here.

We process our cards at the beginning of each month, so it could be up to 8 weeks before you receive your card. If you are planning a visit to Oxford in the near future and are not sure if you will receive your My Oxford Card in time please email