Access thousands of journals through your My Oxford Online account exclusively for alumni

How to access JSTOR

To access JSTOR you will need a My Oxford Online account, you can create one using the button below.

Accessing JSTOR:

  1. Create or login to your My Oxford Online account using the buttons below
  2. Select the 'I want to' menu on the top bar
  3. Select 'Access JSTOR'
  4. Then click on '>Access JSTOR here' and you will be taken to the landing site of JSTOR

Please note it will read 'Access provided by University of Oxford Alumni' at the top of the JSTOR page and you do not need to sign in, just start searching for the journal you want to read.


Please note full access to JSTOR can only be gained through the My Oxford Online account and if you are a matriculated alumni.

Instructions on how to access additional journals

The Bodleian Libraries, together with the University of Oxford Alumni Office and Saïd Business School Alumni Relations Office, are also proud to bring you an exceptional collection of library databases. These are selected to enrich your access to a high quality and broad range of information resources for your lifelong learning and continued scholarly engagement. This access is available to all matriculated University of Oxford alumni. If you would like more information about alumni and associate status please see our eligibility criteria.

In order to access Library Database/resources* or below, you will need to have an My Oxford Online account and access the Library Database from OBA Website.

  1. Create a My Oxford Online account
  2. You can log in to the OBA Network using your MOO account details
  3. From the Learning option in the top menu, you can select Library Database to access the journals

*You will need to be a degree holding Oxonian, or a diploma of Saïd Business School

Resources include:

  • ABI Inform Global - Key academic journals and scholarly articles in the fields of business, management and economics.
  • ABI Inform Trade & Industry - Extensive coverage of trade and industry publications, as well as trade, product, company, and industry news and trends.
  • Annual Reviews - Since 1932, Annual Reviews has offered comprehensive, timely collections of critical reviews written by leading scientists. Annual Reviews volumes are published each year for 29 focused disciplines within the Biomedical, Physical, and Social Sciences.
  • Business Expert Press - Consists of 850+ ebooks covering 30 categories of business and management including business analytics, business ethics, entrepreneurship, financial management, strategic management, and many more. The collection provides access to a varied selection of business books dated between 2008 to current.
  • JSTOR - The full text of the back issues of the most important academic interdisciplinary research articles published in over 1,000 academic journals. 
  • Mergent Online - Financial and company data, and historical annual reports for more than 25,000 active and inactive global companies. Includes the Investext equity research module which gives access to active and historical research reports from more than 1,700 brokerages, investments banks and independent research firms around the globe, updated daily.
  • Mergent Archive - International market and industry reports, company annual reports from 1900 – 1996, and Moody’s corporate manuals from 1909.
  • RefWorks - RefWorks is an online research management, writing and collaboration tool, designed to help with gathering, managing, storing and sharing all types of information, as well as generating citations and bibliographies. If you have not yet graduated you can make a note of the Group Code by using your Oxford Single Sign On username and password before you leave. If you have already left Oxford, and no longer have an active SSO, you will need to email the RefWorks administrator to obtain the Group Code.
  • SAGE - This collection offers the full-text of journals published by SAGE, including the latest research from academic journals within the Social Sciences and Business as well as the Humanities, Science, Technology, and Medicine.
  • Firsthand (formerly Vault Career Insider) - Industry and company profiles and in-depth guides for professional development and career research. Use the ‘Create My Firsthand Account’ link, located at the Firsthand site, to register for your life-long access to Firsthand online.

Conditions of Use

These databases are being made available to you to support your ongoing research and study. Use of University database subscriptions are subject to strict licence agreements. For your protection, and for the protection of the University of Oxford, we ask that you observe and agree to the following requirements:

  • These Information Databases may be used for study and research but not for commercial purposes
  • Under no circumstances are you permitted to share your password, or otherwise make available, any content from these resources to anyone else
  • Systematic downloading or viewing of excessive amounts of data is strictly forbidden

Failure to comply may result in the loss of your right of access to the databases and publishers withdrawing content from the whole university.